Родословная Hardy Line Doris Day

Gr.Int.Ch. Arm-Ellon Meoi Alma HARDY LINE

MCO a 22


Gr.Euro.Ch. Hardy Don COON*RU

MCO n 22


Gr.Int.Ch. Big Giants Wellington

MCO as 22


Euro.Ch. Top Gun of Summerplace



Bossanova of Baydar

MCO n 22 03


Pillowtalk's Jowanka

MCO f 22


Pillowtalk's Welcome

MCO n 22


Pillowtalk's Octavia 

MCO f 22 09


Gr.Int.Ch. X'Blue Moon Gonsior Line*RU

MCO a 22


Int.Ch. Belocoon's A'Tyson

MCO n 22


Gr.Euro.Ch. Lapcat's Calypso

MCO n 22


Gr.Euro.Ch. Coontopia's Sweet and Special

MCO n 22


Bolivia Gonsior Line*RU

MCO a 23


CH DK Cozycoon's Briscoe

MCO n 23


Ch. Eva of Zagorsky Line*RU

MCO n 22


MCO f 09


W.Ch. Toreador vom Pommerland

MCO es


Classic Cat's Fidelis



Ch. Aramis de Maison-Madelis

MCO e 22


KaleninAslani Violet

MCO fs


Ziska vom Pommerland

MCO fs


Big Giants Chuk Noris vom Pommerland

MCO as


Josi vom Pommerland

MCO fs


Yowie's Roxanne

MCO n 09


S*Bazazz Lethal Hero

MCO n 22


GIC PL*Medium Color X'Lincoln

MCO d 22


S*Kvarnmoras Carmenzita

MCO f 22


Ratoyen's Q-Tips

MCO gs 22 09

Ch. Spellbound's Fakir

MCO ns


Eldon's Antic

MCO g 22 09